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Historical Restoration of the Clock Tower at Friends University

Recently, South's Finest played an important part in the Restoration of the 124 year-old Davis Hall Administration Building at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.

The Davis Administration Building was heavily damaged in a July 2009 hailstorm that hammered the Friends campus and surrounding neighborhoods. Hailstones, some the size of baseballs, heavily damaged the building's slate roof and many of it's  architectural components.

South's Finest provided over 700 pieces of fiberglass, including 4 Radius Cornices , 2 Straight Cornice,  the turret finials , and the front peak finials.




Click the image to the left to view the slide show showing the restoration and fabrication of the Grand Spire which adorns the peak of the Clock Tower.


More of our Architectural Fiberglass items we produce.


fiberglass columns
South's Finest, LLC architectural fiberglass columns are handmade in many styles and sizes, using quality resins and fabrics. Reproductions of historical capitals and bases of every period and size, as well as original new designs are all hand made to fit the columns. Our columns range is size from standard residential to colossal

fiberglass cornices


South's Finest, LLC architectural fiberglass cornice systems in many sizes have replaced damaged or failing systems on many historical buildings. Often reproduced from no more than an old photo or damaged remnant, many cornice systems are also built to architects specifications. We make our cornice systems, inside and outside corners, as well as unusual angles with lap joints that are easy to install. All are carefully built to fit together quickly on site. South's Finest has built cornice systems with complex corners over ten feet tall.

Fiberglass Garden Ornaments

Garden Ornaments:

South's Finest, LLC is pleased to offer a unique collection of Urns, Planters, Statues, Plaques, Fountains and Garden Ornaments. Some have never been copied before. We are actively searching for originals to replicate in durable fiberglass, and will be adding new finds frequently. Finishes will include stone, terra cotta, marble and bronze. If you have an interesting object, please contact us.

fiberglass balustrades


Although many companies produce stock balustrade systems, South's Finest specializes in salvaging and reproducing historical balustrades. Often these include unusual curves, balusters and features that most companies would decline to attempt.

fiberglass domes


South's Finest, LLC architectural fiberglass domes range in size from small foyers to grand ballrooms. Always lightweight, our domes are easily installed. We are capable of building any size interior or exterior fiberglass dome your project may require.